Psychedelic Film And Music Festival




10:00 am-11am

Fight For What is Right

Song – Carlos KRL Mera

US, 4 min

Hello, I am KRL, and thank you for considering one of the songs that I am most proud of, the process of making Fight For What Is Right is a whole story that I am willing to tell you about, thanks.

Find It, 2022

Director Joy Fillmore Greene

US, 4 min

Can You Find it?

Sensitive Fate, 2021

Director Oren Affias

Israel, 6 min

in this work, I tried to express the struggles and the rough path we take when we blind to see the darkness in ourselves. and when we are in this place, it’s like a private hell. Once we dare to take a look at the dark side in ourselves we can overcome it.

Bikers Dream, 2022

Director Ken Glaser

US, 3 min

A Biker’s Dream is Ken Glaser’s whimsical homage to motorcycling, one of his lifelong passions. This 3-minute animated short film began as a poem and evolved into a unique audio/visual journey that ventures beyond the confines of earthbound pavement

La Tumba Abierta, 2021

Valentin Morato

Spain, 17 min

An introspective fable about a musical and artistic movement, where the figure of Alfredo Calonge (1961-2014), one of the greatest exponents of this genre, being the leitmotiv of the same

In Between, 2020

Directors Chris Myhr, Mark Gustavson

Canada, 20 min

The film explores themes of liminality and contradiction; simultaneous becoming/disappearing; transmission/reception; organization/entropy; and aims to make sensible that which operates between polarities – the forces that make things whole, yet paradoxically multifaceted and fragmented.


11 am – 1 pm

Dada Noise 2, 2021

Director Christopher Rakas

United States, 3 min

An abstract short

Meshes of the After, 2022

Directors Meg Case, Brad Porter

US, 10 min

A retelling of Meshes of the Afternoon (1943), Maya Deren’s formative avant-garde film, a psychogeographical journey through the shifting landscape of a woman’s home, mutating between experience, imagination,and causation in a recursively developing labyrinthine vision

Complete, 2022

Director Stephanie Leet

US, 3 min

A young woman has a troubling card reading. She feels something is near her, watching her. Darkness starts to enter her world until completion is made.

Out There, 2021

Director Lars Mikkes

Denmark, 30 min

A young man finds himself in his own primitive self-created world, consisting of a tent, a well, a small garden and a scrap yard.He performs some rituals over the book Karma Sutra and cuts important notes, images out of the book as a form of worship and sacrifice to make a new life grow, all the while his subconscious takes more and more control and brings him beyond nature and far out in the universe.

Lavoro Macchinine, 2021

Artists : Alexis Grey Hildreth and Ora Cogan

Canada, 4 min

Lavoro Macchinine is a collaboration between Alexis Grey Hildreth (moving image) and Ora Cogan (sound) that deconstructs the opening credits and reimagines the musical overture in the title sequence from the Italian period drama Il Gattopardo (1963).

A Walk Thur Latent Space, 2021

Director David Witzling

US, 6 min

Two artificial bits of intelligence compete to mingle fact with its statistical representation. Thinking machines will eat your future. In the end, all is well in the Disneyverse Thinking machines will eat your future.

Lotería!, 2020

Director Isabella Hicks

US, Mexico, 12 min

Rafa is forced into the trial of his life when he awakens to find himself face to face with Destiny and her deck of lotería cards.

Photography and Rocketry, 2005

Matthew Robert Macy

US, 6 min

The eye is a miraculous instrument, forever tuned to the pulsating wavelengths of light but, the eye is hemmed in by horizons.

Forest Creatures, 2021

Director Larissa Archer

US, 3 min

In the height of the pandemic, from the silence of Isolation, the Forest Creatures come out to play.

Smoking Mirror, 2022

Zareh Tjeknavorian

US, 2 min

An eye for an eye…An analog sleight of hand – all effects made in-camera. one minute / 16mm reversal / B&W / Silent – BYOSFX (bring your own sound effects)

untitled [self-destruct a]

Director Malte Bartels

Germany, 1 min

untitled [self-destruct a] shows the physical and chemical destruction of the filmmaker’s portrait.


1 pm-3 pm

Dharma in Everywave, 2020

Director Lee seong wook

Korea, 6 min

Natural footage collected by excluding intentions as much as possible was recombined into the iconography of Mandala-Dharmachakra .

Free Your Mind, 2021

Director Kevin Trung Manh

US, 14 min

An artist forced to engage in creating mass-produced paintings struggles to conform. Seeking help from a poster, he begins to delve into the philosophical nature of the inner self, meditation, and religion. Inspired by the writings of Thich Nhat Hanh

PNW: Pure Natural Wonder, 2022

Director Justin Saint Cyr

Medusa’s Bakery, 2021

Director Sheru Arora

US, 10 min

Two young artists accidentally eat psychedelics taking them on a transformative journey while throwing a party.

Swamp Thing, 2022

Director Dane Cree

US,5 min

Peace, love, and embrace is found in the dance between two entities merging in psychedelic connection. The soundtrack ‘Swamp Thang’ was recorded by the Minneapolis, MN based band Age of Curation

Identity, 2021

Director Oona Räyhäntausta

Finland, 3 min

Is anything really ”ours”, anyway?

Grateful Dean, 2021

Director Gabriel Joncas, Guillaume Dubois, Kenzo Suzuki

Canada, 11 min

This psychedelic portrait film follows Dean Robert, an eccentric self-sufficient mushroom cultivator who lives in an RV. It explores the adventurous and carefree van life, while also acknowledging that this reality can sometimes be deceptive.

Mayur, 2015

Director Vibeke Sorensen

Singapore, 8 minutes

Mayurfeatures complex images that evolve from threads and roots to vines and veins, forming intricate lace-like 2 and 3-dimensional structures, tiles, and living textiles in the luminous colors of the peacock.

The Awakening

Director Marco Waldis

US, 14

The Awakening is the hypothetical and imaginary rebirth of the living fossils created by Alberto Di Fabio. In the motion-picture these small ancient creatures find themselves linked to the environment through invisible shapes.

Endlessneism, 2021

Director Liam Clark

Australia, 12 min

A 16mm erotic trip about two friends who play a game where each rule prescribes them to act out their most violent and perverse private fantasies.

I Gets No Sleep, 2021

Director JD Ferenc

US, 14 minutes

A music video director moonlights as talent during the pandemic. A 14-minute film told through song.


3 pm – 530 pm

Hearts Road,2021

Dir Colin Finlay

US, 35 min

Hearts Road was photographed in 95 countries and produced over a period of 30 years. It represents one man’s journey of evolution, his deep spiritual growth and ultimately his return to the seat of his soul. Transformative and prodigal, it also becomes a journey for every one of us.

Take your innermost mind and, through his eyes, and his lens, discover a world that few have ever seen.

The Main Event, 2021

Dir Big Top Collective

Canada, 3 min

The Main Event is a short experimental film work with an original sound scape. The Main Event is 7th in our film cycle Dream Storm. Found film footage is hand processed and digitally collaged to arrive at a media work that focuses on a dream narrative and spectacle parade.

Panic, 2021

Dir Leff Lukefski

US, 7 minutes

Panic takes the feeling of a full-blown anxiety attack and compresses the sensation into six minutes of visuals. From the unexpected onset,the terrifying rise, the crippling peak, and finally the release with brief bursts of euphoria.

Tribes: A Punk Rock Time Machine Story, 2021

Dir Wesley Price

US, 3 min

The gods Saturn and Prometheus call upon the people of Earth to protect the tribes across the universe and warn of the Replicants.

The Money and the Monstera

Dir Tyler Wisenauer,2022

US, 14 min

After the loss of his wife, Rhoda, Jake takes over her love of plants and consumes it with all of his time. It isn’t until his sister Casey comes over to help him get out of his funk by getting him to go to a support group withmsome very interesting individuals. Jake is forced to face what he’s been avoiding ever since Rhoda’s death

Trees Patterns No 1,2021

Dir Pierre Ajavon

France, 10 min

A fractal is a pattern that the laws of nature repeat at different scales. Trees are natural fractals, patterns that repeat smaller and smaller copies of themselves to create the biodiversity of a forest. Each tree branch, from the trunk to the tips, is a copy of the one that came before it.

Land of the Haunted Dolls, 2020

Dir Susan Lien Whigham

US, 19 min

FBI special agent Rochelle Roy must confront skepticism and familial tensions when four human trafficking victims claim to be the reincarnated souls of four women who died during the Salem witch trials

Hearing Rock and Roll Legends, 2021

Dir.Peter Goss

UK, 3 min

Psychedelic Video featuring thought-provoking lyrics.


530 pm-730 pm

House of the Unholy, 2022

Director Daniel Merlot

US, 15 min

A bloodthirsty Princess hunts down the last of the Indigo Elders tribe. She seeks a magical elixir in his heart that will grant her the powers to reign over the Kingdom for an Eternity.

Catalyst Comet – The Movie

Directors Isaiah Marcotte, Danny Voyles

US, 6 min

Inspired by the eccentric conspiracy theories of the Bavarian Illuminati, the Freemasons, and the New World Order. the works of Carl Jung, Manly P. Hall, Rudolf Steiner, and Robert Anton Wilson

277, 2022

Director Matthis Dor

France,22 min

A young man wanders between the walls of his house, sinking into the darkest depths of his psychology. As memories of his past life wander around him, his thoughts escape into the void that surrounds him…

Droid, 2020

Director Alexa Sheehan

US, 12 min

A family’s droid goes out into the big big world.

Sunday Drama, 2021

Directors Arturo Bastón

Spain, 6 min

A psychedelic fable about the creation of the universe and the beginning of life on earth, evolution, war, death… and maybe life again somewhere else.A music video for Dirty Sound Magne

Pandemic, 2021

Director Albert Bayona

Spain, 7 minutes

A mashup of ” Village of the Damned” , Day of the Triffids” and other classic Sci-fi films.

Arise Robot Minds v1

Director Michael Bohacz

US, 6 min

Tin Godz made this tune for the “Abductions with the Alter Boy” TV show, the episode “Robot Taboo Module 2

Elatio, 2021

Directors Ioana Cherascu & Garrett Schroeder

US, 7 min

A mysterious signal from outer space elicits equally mysterious reactions from its listeners, from total bliss to violent death. This film comprises three parts: a 50s-style newsreel, black-and-white moving photography, and a psychedelic finale.

The Interrogation, 2022

Directors Marisa Cohen, Peter Issac Alexander

US, 6 min

Set several decades in the future, The Interrogation is a cat-and-mouse game between a corporate media executive performing a “loyalty test” and a savvy news director harboring a potentially game-changing secret.

The revelation of the Disembodied,2022

Director Andres Silva

US, 10 min

Fragments of a collective post-human dream construct a world that straddles hyper-technological, mythological, and ecological dimensions

A Dose of The Buzzer, 2022

Director Aaron Thibeault

US, 9 min

A government agent is on a mission in an undisclosed bunker in Russia. The agent waits by a shortwave radio tuned into UVB-76 The Buzzer for further instructions.

SHC: Freak Accident,2021

Director Thomas Burke

US, 2 min

A mysterious phenomenon occurs during a video call, leading to a Texas resident’s death.


730pm- 930 pm

Howl, 2022

Directors Martin Del Carpio

US, 4 min

Howl was written at a time when I needed to purge many of those emotions. You give your best to a position and hope it’ll be genuinely recognized where it matters.

The Surrealistic Dream,2021

Director Logan Fry

US, 3 mins

Juxtapositions of distant realities as if in a dream. Reality is what you dream, life comes from within..

Argent Glass, 2022

Director Katsuyuki Nakanishi

Japan, 4 min

In November 1967, in Honmoku, Yokohama, a guy (Shinsuke Kato) is chasing his dream of becoming famous while performing live, but it is not coming true. One day, he breaks his cherished silver glass, and after gathering up the fragments, he drove off somewhere.

Elevator, 2021

Director Scott Turri

US, 5 min

Circle back the capsule. No return. Move faster round the outside. Model racetrack on the ping pong table. Basement. Round and round you go. Square dance. You circle back. Head pressed against the window of the greyhound bus looking at the telephone wires. Undulate. The pool stripped-down night swim. You were a deer on all fours galloping up Flagstaff Hill. Riding on the front of the skateboard. Twins. Slipped on the stars and slid down the space chute. One two three. One two three four. One two. One.

The Factory, 2021

Director Gizmo Beardon

UK, 4 min

Life is short, in fact it’s just six lessons. In a world controlled by the Overseer, our hero enters the world as a new-born. Will they achieve enlightenment and become conscious enough to break free or will history repeat itself?

Between the Balance, 2021

Directors Nicole Kadar, Steven Speliotis

US, 4 min

Choreography in 4d

Space, 2021

Directors Jing Wang, Harvey Goldman

US, 4 min

Between the horror and the ecstasy, Between memory and motivation, Between our wisdom and our ignorance.Between where you are and where you are not. The vacuous dark matter, primeval singularity, is filled with infinite possibilities. Before the beginning and after the end.The vortex that is now.

Roses in the Night, 2019

Director Pencho Kunchev

Bulgaria, 10 min

A story of a young girl in ancient Greece between the ripening and mystery of first love. Based upon “Les Chansons de Bilitis” by Pierre Louys (1875-1920).

Suite Southwest

Director Ted Timmreck

US, 14 min

Mythical imagery found on stone surfaces of the American Southwest

Our America, 2021

Directors Dean M Winkler, Donald S Butler

US, 4 min

“Our America” is a short-form, non-narrative meditation on American 20th century industrial promises gone awry.

Adrienne’s Garden, 2022

Director Richard Daniels

US, 5 min

Adrienne’s Garden joins into four short yoga-inspired movement videos featuring Adrienne Dornbusch meant to inspire and uplift mind, body, and spirit.

Mostri, 2021

Director Luca Di Bartolo

Italy, 10 min

The monsters for a dancer are the fatigue behind the performance, the sacrifices, the difficulty of arriving. A dancer who returns to the times when worries and fears have escorted him.

Junior, 2020

Director AJ Wilhelm

US, 12 min

Gifted as a teenager, Jérôme “Junior” Simeon was recruited by top Haitian roots music group “Racine Mapou de Azor” and spent 20 years touring the world. When the lead singer of his band dies unexpectedly Junior’s high-profile career comes to a shocking halt and he suddenly faces an uncertain future for himself and his legacy.


930 pm – 10 pm